Heading to my 37 week ultrasound appointment today and I can FINALLY say that my hospital bag is packed! Besides buying a few new outfits for baby girl here and there, this is honestly the first “prep” that I’ve done for her arrival. With my first, I think my bags were packed a whole two months in advance. The nursery was ready, the car seat was safely secure in my car and I was patiently (but anxiously) awaiting his arrival. With number 2, all of that happened about a month or so before my due date. This is number 3, I’m due in 3 short weeks and well…I have my hospital bag packed!

Below are the necessities that I packed for mom, baby & dad.

Diaper Bag: I bought this Ruvalino Diaper Bag and am loving it so far. It’s stylish for both Tony and I to use and will be spacious enough to use for all three of my kids.
Night Gown: A nursing friendly one is great to buy, but I just bought a simple night gown from Target and figured I would be able to pull a strap down to nurse in the hospital. It ended up being cheaper than any nursing gowns I was looking at AND I’ll be able/want to wear it long after I stop nursing.
Robe: My mom bought me this robe set from Milkmaid Goods that has a matching headband and swaddle for baby girl.
Slippers: I actually didn’t pack these because I knew I’d be buying them in the hospital gift shop. I bought these Snoozies slippers when I was at the hospital pregnant with Ashton and they were the BEST slippers ever so I knew I had to get another pair.
Toiletries: It’s nice to have new travel size toiletries packed away in your bag because you never know when your water is going to break and you’re going to need to just grab your bag and head to the hospital. Plus, fresh toiletries are just always better!
Phone Charger: Can’t forget this one! I packed a cord and a battery pack just in case there wasn’t an accessible outlet nearby.
Going Home Outfit for Yourself: You’ll most likely still be wearing maternity clothes even after you have the baby. You’ll want something comfortable and loose fitting to leave the hospital in so forget about looking glamorous and grab a pair of hubby’s sweatpants!
Pillow: I didn’t bring a pillow from home with my first two kids but I definitely remember wishing that I had so I’m bringing one this time.

Car Seat: We received this Baby Jogger City Car Seat as a hand me down gift from a friend and are super excited to use it for baby girl. It’s very light weight and has multiple installation options.
Boppy Pillow: I’ve had this same boppy pillow since my oldest was born and then I buy a new slip cover.
Going Home Outfit: I’m packing a newborn outfit and a 0-3 months outfit because Logan was nine pounds at birth and never even fit into newborn clothes!

That’s pretty much it for baby. If you’re reading this and your pregnant with your first child, you’ll think you’ll need to pack WAY more, but honestly the hospital will provide everything else you need (at least mine did). Call ahead if you’re unsure about something, but most hospitals provide plenty of diapers, wipes, formula (if you’re choosing to go that route) and even onesies. 

I feel like the “dad essentials” are always left off the list in hospital bag checklists, but they are just as much important!

Bag: This bag will hold all of the dad essentials, but also some of the mommy essentials from above that don’t necessarily fit in your diaper bag.
Something Warm: (extra change of clothes)
Pillow and Blanket: The “cot” that they provide in our hospital isn’t necessarily the comfiest to sleep on. Bringing a pillow and blanket from home will definitely help!
Camera/iPhone: Something to capture all the magical moments!

And that’s it, our bags are all packed – we’re ready to head to the hospital whenever baby girl is ready!