Dear Mamas, 

In the words of Jessie J: “It’s okay not to be okay.”

Sometimes motherhood is hard.
Sometimes motherhood makes us lose ourselves.
And sometimes motherhood makes us feel like we want to quit.

But we don’t.

We never do.

Because we are moms.

Today is not the only day that we should celebrate all of the moms out there, but for the sake of May 12th this year: Happy Mother’s Day. You are doing a hell of a great job but I want you to know that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay.

It’s okay to have a messy house sometimes with sticky floors, an overflowing sink and endless amounts of laundry.

It’s okay to keep your kids (and yourself) in pajamas all day on the couch because sometimes you’re just that tired.

It’s okay to sometimes feel stressed and frustrated and overwhelmed that you’re counting down the minutes until nap time or bed time.

It’s okay.

Every day we wake up, feed our babies, get them ready for the day – get ourselves ready for the day – and try to make the best of what we can because that’s all. we. can.

It can be physically demanding and emotionally exhausting sometimes, but we would do it all a hundred times over because: we are moms.

And mom life is a long life filled with highs and lows. But the highs are what make it worth it.

The snuggles and the kisses, the random I love you’s followed by a big hug – that’s what makes it worth it.
The times when both or all 3 (or 4!) of your kids are playing together nicely – that’s what makes it worth it.
The times when you finally see your child enjoying themselves and “getting” something – that’s what makes it worth it.

So next time you are feeling a little….not okay…just remember, it’s okay. You are all capable and enough. You are all what your child needs because you are all moms. The highs and lows will always come and go.

Happy Mother’s Day again to all of the mom’s out there – to the step-moms, to the grandmothers, to the godmothers, to the mothers who are still patiently waiting for their babies to come. You are all appreciated, valued and loved. 

Sincerely, Kelsey